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Friday, September 29, 2006



Dood, I would kill for that Japanese book.


I also like that Japanese knitting book.


I must know, did you really buy the gnome fabric?

Where, btw, did you come by that fascinating Japanese knitting book?


How generous of you! Thank you so much for offering. I would love the "Knitting for the first time" book or sock yarn, for that matter. Thank you for sharing, and have a great weekend!
Lise (in Ottawa, Canada)


Hi, This is so nice of you. I would be interested in the Japanese knitting book, or whatever, Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks


Hi Jennifer,

I found your blog from Zimmermania. I would love that Japanese book, so please me to the drawing.



I'd love to have that Japanese book. I'd been meaning to see if I could track down a copy somewhere.


How nice of you to offer! I'd like the first knitting book, or at least a chance at it. I found your blog from the Yarn Harlot, and loved the name.


Oooh I'd love to put my name in for that japanese knitting book...I've never had a craft book like that before, I find it really fascinating...thank you! =)


OMG! The Japanese knitting book rocks! I found you through Zimmermania and I love the name of your blog! Are you going to Yarn School? You must take lots of pics!


ooooh are you comment hungry? you poor thing!
I want it all!!! heheh so throw my name in the hat! hehe


The x in translation looks cool.


Great blog And, don't beg for comments, it's cool just to have a select few. Quality over quantity, right? In any case, if anyone should be begging for comments, it would be me.

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