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Friday, May 18, 2007



I take Emetr0l for nausea. It's some sort of sugary buffered acid solution that always seems to set my tummy right. It's OTC and isn't "medicine" per se, so it ought to be OK with other meds.


I second Emetr0l. I keep it in the house for use on my kids when they get a tummy bug. I'm surprised Z0fran didn't help (its the only thing that calmed my hyperemesis during my last pregnancy) But other than that, try ginger candies or ginger tea. It does wonders for nausea. Hang in there and good luck!


go gluten free. it can't be anyworse than trying anything else and who knows! it might just work. Try it..


Sugar free chewing gum, or peppermint candies. Hope you feel better soon.


have to second the ginger candy - the only thing that always works! feel better soon!!!!


Regl@n and Hydro- xyz- ine combined helped me the best.

Try Benedryl. It might make you sleepy, but that goes away in a couple of days. (The two aforementioned will make you drousy too- be careful.)

In the natural food section you will find papaya fruit extract in a pill form. That is a natural antinausea treatment. If you can stomach it, you're a better woman than me. I don't like heavy fruity tastes.
Ph3nergan made me halucinate. Yeah, little dogs running in cicles next to my hospital bed. Fun.

Ditto to the person who said what your gluten. Has your doc tested for Celiac's yet?

And what the heck, try acupuncture. My doc recommended it. (I admit, I didn't do it, I was chicken.)


Oh, man. I hate to say it, but when it was darn near 5 months of morning sickness for me, nothing really helped. But the aforementioned candied ginger (found at Trader Joe's) was recommended. Unfortunately, I don't really like ginger. The only thing that remotely worked for me was to never let my stomach be completely empty. I kept goldfish crackers next to the bed to eat first thing in the morning, it maybe helped just a little. And I snacked all day. But really, I don't have a lot to offer you but sympathy. Hang in there!

Karen in Toledo

Sorry about the nausea... but go look at Cider Moon. Your "Explosion at the Clown Factory" won you some yarn!! :-)


If I feel nauseated, the one thing that always helps is ginger ale. It might be mental, since my grandma would get it for me if I felt sick as a kid, but it works. I hope that your surgery turns out well and that you feel better soon!


Poor thing! I'm sorry you are so sick.

Have you tried smoking weed? Usually this works like a charm. ;)

If you like the taste of ginger you can peel and cut it up in chunks, then boil in water for 7-8 minutes for tea. It has helped me before.

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Hope you feel better soon.

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